Do you need a professional, reliable, SLED certified security provider? One that gives detailed daily reports of activity on your property?




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     •     Residential, Business

     •     Bars, Clubs, Hotels

     •     Construction Sites

     •     Special Events

     •     Executive Protection, Body Guard

     •     Long, Short Term Protection

     •     Alarm Response, Fire Watch 


Are you in need of professional, reliable and SLED certified security?

One that provides detailed daily reports of activity on your property. Well no need to look any further. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my company, Platinum Protection Agency, and provide you with some information.

Due to the current economic decline, crime rates are at an all-time high and rising. The safety and security of your community, property and patrons is becoming more of an immediate threat every day. This effect has been that security patrolling private, residential communities, retail locations and construction sites are becoming a more common occurrence then not. Our low rates and highly trained professional SLED Certified security officers can help ensure your property is safe and secure from all unwanted activity and visitors. We can enforce all your HOA, Motels/Hotels rules and regulations. Platinum Protection Agency, LLC can also provide security for any special events long term or short term.


Platinum Protection Agency, LLC is a proud sponsor of our Military Tribute. We're dedicated to hiring prior military, law enforcement and experienced security officers. We know how important it is to have professional, knowledgeable and experienced security officers on your property at all times. If you are looking for a Security Company or possibly thinking about a change in your current security provider then Platinum Protection Agency, LLC would like to extend this invitation to view our information and see if our services can help benefit your property/location.

Platinum Protection Agency, LLC is dedicated to helping your community or maintaining a family/friendly safe place for all to visit, time and time again. Platinum Protection Agency, LLC can provide {SLED} South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, certified security officers armed and unarmed, for any location and or special events, fire watch, construction sites, stop INS and Alarm Response when needed. Executive Protection/Body Guards are also available.

Contact Us to take advantage of our free security consultation for your property to see what services we can provide and to get you a customized quote for your needs.